Yes, Green Crescent Trust honors integrity and transparency between the donors and the organization that is why the NGO places extra emphasis on keeping the donors updated with regard to whichever project that they are a part of.

The Children, who are a part of our Orphan Support Program, are the students who are already enrolled in the GCT Hilal School Network. This helps us to take care of their educational, medical and holistic needs.

The Water Project is based on a lengthy process that consists of our team, in the Tharparkar region, examining the location before finalizing the installation of the tube well. Once the location is finalized, the construction process goes underway. The Donor is updated after each milestone until the completion of the tube-well installation. Generally ,The Water Projects takes around 3 months to be completed.

Our School Secretariat identifies a location when a donor reaches out for a particular location or when the community reaches out by filling out a form detailing all the information regarding the location and the population.

GCT Hilal Schools focus on providing underprivileged children with quality education. Our department CERD (Centre of Educational Research and development) overlooks the teaching methods, techniques and the courses that are taught in the schools while strictly following the National curriculum. It also pays extra attention to the character development of the students and  teacher training where the teachers are equipped with the best methods and practice through which they can engage and educate the children.

Over the past 28 years, Green Crescent Trust has been working silently alongside its donors who have preferred to maintain a certain level of anonymity. Now, 155 schools later, GCT is looking to expand, broaden its horizon and share the experience with the world. You can follow the organization on the official GCT social media accounts to stay up-to-date.

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