Orphan Support Program

Orphan Support Program (OSP) is an initiative for orphan students from GCT Hilal Schools to provide support in areas of subsistence (monthly rations, clothes, and hygiene kits), education (school fees, books, stationery, and other school supplies), health (proper medical check-ups, referrals) and social or recreation (art and creative activities, sports, and picnics). More than 1900 children are currently enrolled in this program.
The Orphans that are enrolled in Green Crescent Trust’s OSP are students at GCT-Hilal Schools. During its initial phases, the organization quickly realized the marginalization of orphans and the disparity that they face due to the lack of familial and financial support which is why Green Crescent Trust has taken it upon itself to provide for these children so that they can continue receiving a quality education.
Orphan Support Program (OSP) You can sponsor an orphan for a year through our Orphan Support Program for only Rs. 69,411/-
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