In line with their mission GCT provides education to less privileged sector of our country in urban slums, suburbs and rural areas through community based formal schooling system.

GCT’s system of education encourages involvement of community, students and teachers through spreading of awareness and importance of education. Community involvement ensures success of school operations within a community.

GCT focuses and identifies communities through field surveys where children do not go to any school either due to: non-existence of any school or the nearest school is too far away or expensive for them to pay or a school is available, however, teachers remain absent due to which education process is non-existent.

GCT strives to establish schools in such communities as soon as possible to shorten the time loss of children not going to any school.

The flexible approach in initiating an education process helped GCT in emergency response to floods affected areas where it established schools in number of locations to bring back the normality in the lives of children affected by floods.

GCT in collaboration with other NGOs and partners is also conducting various programs within GCT network of schools and communities. The program includes Orphan Support Program, Hygiene Awareness Program, Green Planet Program (plantation program) and health camps.